Accomplished Central Virginia Attorneys Provide Strong Criminal Defense

Knowledgeable lawyers work hard to protect clients’ rights in Orange and surrounding areas

With roots that date back generations, HarperWilliams, PLLC., delivers assertive, effective advocacy for central Virginia citizens facing criminal charges. Firm attorneys Amy M. Harper and Angela H. Williams have more than three decades of combined experience practicing in criminal courts around the state. We take our ethical obligation to our clients very seriously and work diligently to ensure fair treatment for them throughout the criminal law process. No matter the specific allegation, an adverse decision can have terrible lasting consequences for you and your family. You might only have one chance to mount a defense, so it is crucial to retain lawyers with a track record of obtaining favorable results. From our office in Orange, HarperWilliams can evaluate your situation quickly and advise you of the relevant law and procedure.

A trustworthy defense law firm with a reputation built over decades

The lawyers of HarperWilliams carry on a 30-year tradition of providing skilled legal representation to the people of centralVirginia. We are known for both our exceptional legal ability and our commitment to exceptional service. Whether you’ve been accused of a serious felony or a traffic violation, you can count on benefiting from our:

  • Individualized attention — As community lawyers, we take pride in delivering personalized advice and building strong relationships with each client.
  • Affordable fees — HarperWilliams strives to guide each person we represent to their best possible outcome. This includes maintaining affordable fees that allow you to put your legal troubles behind you.
  • Caring counsel — We never forget the toll that criminal accusations can take on a person and his family. Our counsel is always directed toward a result that contributes to everyone’s well-being.

Though we’ve earned accolades from peers and judges, we have always found that satisfied clients are our best source of new business.

Skillful representation for legal matters throughout Central Virginia

HarperWilliams represents clients in several areas of practice, including:

  • Criminal law — Our experienced attorneys provide comprehensive criminal law advocacy for any type of allegation.
  • DUI — If you have been arrested on a DUI charge, we can investigate and challenge flaws in the tests and/or procedures used by law enforcement.
  • Traffic violations — HarperWilliams assists with cases involving traffic violations that can restrict your ability to drive to work or take care of your family.
  • Drug crimes — Small details can make a major difference in prosecutions for drug crimes. Our lawyers will press for fair charges and treatment instead of penalties.
  • Child custody — Disputes over child custody can harm children and lead to lengthy, costly litigation. HarperWilliams stands up for what is in your child’s best interests.

If you have been arrested and are unsure what your options are, we can advise you based on the most current Virginia laws.

Contact a skilled central Virginia criminal defense attorney

The highly experienced attorneys with HarperWilliams, PLLC provide skilled representation for a complete range of criminal defense matters throughout Virginia. Please call 844-840-1143 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our office in Orange.