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Orange law firm delivers aggressive defense against any accusation

The knowledgeable lawyers at HarperWilliams, PLLC in Orange have more than 35 years of combined experience handling criminal cases. If you seek our help for a criminal charge, you can rest assured that we understand Virginia law and procedure, so you will know what to expect at every stage of your case. With successful track records on both the prosecution and defense side of criminal litigation, we can pinpoint the problems and challenge misleading evidence. Our attorneys aggressively advocate for clients throughout central Virginia in cases involving all types of allegations, from felonies to traffic infractions. A conviction for even a minor offense can impact your ability to get a job or drive, so hiring a seasoned attorney can give you the best chance to maintain your daily lifestyle.

Dedicated counselors safeguarding the right to a fair trial

HarperWilliams, PLLC ensures that each client is well informed as to their rights and the charges facing them. Even before an arrest is made, critical errors can occur that infringe upon your fundamental rights, so it’s important to contact an attorney right away — one who can answer any question you may have, including these:

  • Felonies — The most serious criminal counts demand an accomplished lawyer who can confront and question every witness and piece of evidence brought against you. Whether you’re accused of a sex crime, robbery or even homicide, we can prepare a thorough, effective defense.
  • Misdemeanors — Convictions for these offenses leave you with a criminal record and can result in up to 12 months in jail. Often, there are extenuating circumstances that lead to arrests for crimes such as assault, reckless driving or petty theft. Our lawyers develop a complete case on your behalf for plea negotiations or trial.
  • Traffic violations — When you’re accused of
    breaking traffic laws, you could be facing financial penalties and even a license suspension. HarperWilliams, works on your behalf to fight unsupported allegations.
  • Juvenile charges — We understand the stress and pain families endure when minor children are accused of crimes. However, the Virginia juvenile justice system offers a variety of sentencing options geared toward meaningful assistance rather than punishment. Our attorneys can focus on reaching a workable resolution that helps your child move past their problem.

With our background and years of experience, we are able to identify favorable resolutions that other attorneys might miss. By accurately projecting how a case might play out at trial, we can negotiate from a knowledgeable position if a plea bargain is in a client’s best interest. Where alternatives to incarceration exist, such as treatment or community service, we will press to secure an appropriate form of sentencing.

Contact a skilled criminal defense attorney serving central Virginia

The experienced attorneys of HarperWilliams, PLLC provide strong representation for a complete range of criminal defense matters throughout Virginia. Please call 844-840-1143 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Orange office.